Free Shipping Within Australia

About Petit quelque chose

We started Petit quelque chose with a simple idea to offer affordable, "little somethings" to create a beautiful home that you can not wait to return to!  Lovely home decor that ships to all of Australia so everyone has access to great prices and interesting products.

The idea stemmed from the fact that we live in the North West of Tasmania where there are no malls.  One large department store and a handful of specialty stores, so you go from the cheap to the exorbitant with not a lot in between! 

So we have partnered with global merchants and artisans from Australia and around the world to bridge this gap, so you too will have access to beautiful, interesting and unique products to create a home you love!  And by shipping directly from our partners we can offer quality while keeping our prices real!  And as a bonus shipping within Australia is free :)